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Hydronic Heating

hydronic-03-330wImmergas was founded in 1964 and for the last 10 years remains to be the leading Italian manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use, both in the sectors of traditional and condensing boilers.

Over 4 million homes are now heated with Immergas products across the world. Immergas products mean much more than just quality, functionality and reliability. They also mean aesthetics design and energy efficiency. The new range of boilers developed in conjunction with Hunt Heating are tailor- made for the Australian market requirements, delivering high power with maximum efficiency internal and external models.

Steel Panel Radiators

hydronic-04-330wImmergas widens its range of products with a new line of steel panel radiators called Immerpan, made to give out heat in your home and guarantee the maximum ambient comfort. Thanks to their thermal exchange high efficiency, the new panel radiators can meet any exigency, while their reduced dimensions and elegant style allow to set them in any kind of home.

The Immerpan range represents the ideal complement to all Immergas boilers.